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The Beans N Twinkie show is here to entertain you by offering advice on dating, relationships and life balance. Everyone deserves a break from the hustle bustle of life … we promise to never talk politics, work or about spiders. Considering Beans and Twinkie date each other, their relationship has survived multiple break ups…the ridiculous stories are endless … and you ALL will side with Team Twinkie that she was ‘in the right’. Be sure to ask how Beans and Twinkie met.

Beans N Twinkie is recorded LIVE Tuesday at 7pm Pacific (no edits or retakes).

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Dale Likes The Beans - Beans N Twinkie Episode 3

On Tonight’s Show:
- When Is It Too Cold To Go Topless?
- Twinkie Loves The Meat In Her Mouth
- Hairy Beans?
And MUCH MUCH More !!!!!!!

Sparkle Pony Got Rolled - Beans N Twinkie Episode 4

On Tonight’s Show:
- Beans Earns His Man Card Back! 🎳
- What Do Minions Taste Like? 👅
- Easy Ways To Reinvigorate Your Relationship! ❤
And MUCH MUCH More !!!!!!!.

Basics Are Bitches - Beans N Twinkie Episode 5

On Tonight’s Show:
- Beans N Twinkie Go Hollywood!
- Rain Equals No Game Equals Guilt Free Travel
- When Would You End A Bad Date?
And MUCH MUCH More !!!!!!!

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